· North Korean women becoming a commodity
· Female North Korean defectors priced at $1,500
· Ex-drug smuggler revealed as North Korea's
· N.Korea Steps Up Crackdown on Defectors
· A Haven for North Korean Children



According to the South Korean government, some 17,000 refugees have made the perilous journey from North to South Korea, often via a tortuous route that takes in China... ▶more

Hello Durihana Family, Durihana held its first North Korean Refugee Weekend meeting in Denver, Colorado this year. Everything went well, and we received better than expected results... ▶more

The state of Colorado proclaimed July 17th "Durihana Day" after a human rights group. Bill Ritter, the governor of Colorado, did this at the North Korean Refugee Weekend ... ▶more
A frigid November day pressed against the windows of a shabby apartment building in the Chinese city of Yanji, ten miles from the North Korean border. Three stories up...