232. The reality of textbooks that reveal the aggressive of the North Korean
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  Name : durihana Date : 2018-08-23 오전 10:00:25
We can see how offensive and inherently hawkish the N. Korean government is when we look into the textbooks of the N. Korean Peoples School which forms the human character and social skills, as we normally can guess the character and the essence of the government through the contents of textbooks of a country.

The paper used for essential school textbooks are low quality and worn-out to the point of disintegrate to the touch, but the propaganda materials for the idolization of Kim Il-sung (dynasty) which is beautified with full of lies and exaggeration, are luxurious and high quality even to the western standard.

Even more surprising is that the textbooks of arithmetic, Korean language and music which are extremely important for educating children are full of stunning evil content.