230. In Search of Redemption and Freedom.
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  Name : durihana Date : 2018-06-19 오전 10:06:29

There were two North Korean defectors who asked Durihana for help this time. One wrote a rescue letter on Durihana’s old website which hadn’t been used for about 10 years, wrote “I want to go to South Korea. God please give me freedom!”. The other one was sold in China on February 2017, at the age of 18, had a 4 month-old baby and didn’t know where she was kept. Even when the summit between the two Koreas and the summit between North Korea and America put rescue at a disadvantage, God listened to our prayers.

Through the work of people of God, God had mercy on us and helped us to rescue them safely. Like the Ethiopian who asked Philip about Jesus’ love in Act 8, two defectors listened to the Bible very carefully and were desperate for salvation and redemption. As they wanted to be baptised, after baptism education and questions and answers, we had a baptism ceremony. They rejoiced and found a true freedom and salvation.

Teacher Park Ha-na and Pastor Kim Sung-eun who led two defectors during the perilous journey; Pastor Ryan Ellsworth from US-Durihana (City of Faith Christian Fellowship), and Robert; including people of God who prayed for this rescue, I sincerely thank you all.

Sisters who are familiar with athesim and materialism are serious about listening to Genesis 1 about creation.

It is beautiful to hear that they want to be baptized like Phillip and Ethiopians in Act 8 : 35-36. after listening to the Bible.