203. “I have felt their warmth and kindness”
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  Name : durihana Date : 2017-05-07 오전 7:07:38
“I have felt their warmth and kindness”

Just because we are all one in Jesus' love, Choon Mi received a mail and a gift from Marla Ford Boone from Denver America, a bookmark from a Ukranian-Montserrat couple Serge and Tirazh in Tanian Taiwan, and some gifts of health food from Robert who brought it all the way from New Zealand.

Netherlands, France, Austria, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Santa Fe, San Antonio and more, people from around the world prayed for her. Pastor Kim Jae Nam, who paid for her hospital bills, Durihana Church member Lee Pyeong Jae.

Kim Byung Kyu, a CEO of Amotech who personally visited her and prayed with tears, Pastor Kim Soo Tae from NY, Yeun Ju who cared her overnight, other members of Durihana Church, her friends; because of these people Choon Mi is recovering very well and fast.

Choon Mi has decided to live like Jesus, to love her neighbors with warm heart because of the people who cared about her and the people who financially supported her, who are one family in the name of Jesus.